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6 Super Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Get alive! Plan your day instead of scrubbing those stained bathroom tiles on weekend.

We know that you need time for yourself. But housekeeping is not letting you get time for you. Your daily household chores like cooking, washing, and cleaning are making you boring.  This guide will help you to solve one major issue i.e. bathroom cleaning.

Cleaning bathroom is time-consuming and tiring that we don’t like and run from. This makes it more untidy and smelly. What if we keep our bathrooms fresh daily so that it’s always bright, but how?

Not to worry, this tutorial will help you to know 6 Super Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean.

Without much ado, let’s begin. To know more about house cleaning click on the “link

How to clean the bathroom in 15 minutes

First, let me tell you how to get clean your bathroom in a few minutes with minimal wastage. For this you will need:

  • Toilet paper
  • Toilet brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Bath towel (cleaning )

Step 1: Apply a toilet cleaner on the toilet bowl and clean it with a toilet brush. Leave for 10 minutes and flush.  Keep the brush aside to get it dry.

Step 2: Spray bathroom cleaner (disinfectant) on the sink. Leave for 5 minutes and wash the area. Later dry it with a cloth.

Step 3: Damp the clean microfiber cloth with antiseptic water. Use it to clean the mirror. Use the same cloth to dry the sink.

Step 4: Take 4 or 5 toilet paper and clean sink, toilet seat, faucets etc so that it absorbs all the moisture left.

Step 5: Take few more toilet paper and toss it on the mirror, faucet and toilet bowl once again for shine. Subsequently, wash the bath towel and microfiber cloth in your washer and hang it to dry. You are done.

Quick Tip: Since we all use bathtub or shower daily so just keep a cloth in your washroom and wipe it daily after you have bathed. It will look clean and spotless every day.

Super Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean:

  1. Paint walls and showers with water repellent: Water repellents like “RainX”, “EnduroShield”, “Neverwet”, etc. are a good way to keep soap scum, minerals, and water at bay.
  2. Stop moisture: Moisture is the main cause of mildew stains. So keep a dry cloth near to your bathtub. Always wipe off walls, shower, bathtub, mirror, and doors to clear the dew. On Exhaust fan, keep door and windows open and stretch curtains for few minutes to dry completely.  Following this routine will minimize your cleaning time and sweat.
  3. Use Soap dispenser at sink: Do not keep soap dish near the sink instead use a liquid soap dispenser to keep the countertop clean.
  • Arrange cabinets: Organize cosmetics, first aid, and cleaning segments smartly. Make clutter free counters that will add beauty to your bathroom and will save your energy.
  • Keep disinfecting cleaning wipes beneath sink: It is obvious that we use sink daily for toothbrush and hand wash. It retains toothpaste and soap stains which make it look untidy. Keeping antiseptic wipes is a great solution. Just take out a wipe and quickly zap the toothpaste off your sink.
  • Keep dryer sheets: Dryer sheets help you to clean moisture on mirror, doors or windows. It is also good for removing hairs from the floor and corners quickly. Else they accumulate and you need to bring vacuum cleaner to get it cleaned.

Summing Up:

This is how you can quickly clean your bathroom and maintains it sanitized for long period. Small things make a big difference. If you will uphold daily hygiene then your efforts will be reduced to half.

It is simple to get your bathroom sanitized, just follow these super easy tricks. If you have some awesome tips by which make your bathroom cleaning easy, do share with us?

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